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The LJ Inline Community

The Inline LJ Community
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Here we go - the Birmingham City Council Inline LJ Community, as requested.

Suggested uses:

~ keeping ex-employees in the loop as to the various debates/dramas/insanity that occurs on Inline
~ posting of pictures from MGMs
~ informing ex-employees of MGM dates
~ continuing message board discussions out of work hours
~ posting of quizzes, etc. as per the board, if we get desperate
~ general discussion about Inline. Yes, surely it must be that interesting. :)

Have fun, and try not to kill each other.
abusing yoshi, arguments, birmingham, birmingham city council, debating, drunkenness, incessant and annoying fangirling, inline, lyrics, m.g.m. photos, m.g.m.s, mcworkerton's post count, movie quotes, only outside core hours, posting, procrastinating, quizzes, squee!, the brethren